Top photo: Before I cut my hair off. This was when I was still getting relaxers. As you can see, I lost ALL of my curl! My hair was kinda thin and stringy and it was weird mix between kinda wavy and just mostly straight. I would try to “scrunch” my hair to get the curly look but since my hair was relaxed…it just looked limp and nasty….it didn’t even look curly at all! As you can see it was also bleached… bad for your hair! Just a really bad combo! My hair was TOAST! And then I dyed it several times more after this! Even worse!

Bottom photo: My hair currently. So I cut all my hair off and went natural! Here you can see my natural hair color and natural curly hair texture. Thick and bouncy! But of course it’s still pretty short…. I want to grow it out LONG! But it will take time. I’m loving my natural curls right now though! So much better than relaxed hair! And I can still straighten it just as good! I don’t know why I ever got relaxers… it was not necessary for my hair type!

These photos are screen shots from 2 of my youtube hair tutorials:

the top photo is from:

and the bottom is from this video:

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